Consumer Confidence is Returning!


If you did not already know that most of North America and Europe are in the grip of one of the worst winters on record, you would certainly be able to figure it out from our region’s Roadways, Beaches, Restaurants and Arts Venues. We’ve rarely seen more visitors out and about; happily soaking-up our sunshine by day and our culture and cuisine by night.

After one of the worst recessions in history, consumers are finally noticing the first real signs of relief. Economic growth is accelerating, discretionary spending is up considerable; and consumer confidence is at an 8th month high as the outlook for jobs brightens. As if to celebrate, consumers are unleashing a torrent of pent-up demand.

Our local Sarasota Real Estate Market is moving forward with increased momentum; as evidenced by the sheer number of sales that are now taking place. That is mainly because home prices have corrected themselves back to pre-bubble values.


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